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G&G CARGO SERVICES INC. is a Freight Forwarder and a Service Company specialized in the logistics, handling and transportation of perishables products.

G&G CARGO SERVICES INC. supports a complete range of services; from a simple shipment to a complete Logistics Solution for your business. No customer is too big or small; our manpower, facilities, technology and tools are available to accommodate any service requirement.

G&G Cargo Service, Inc. was opened in Miami as a consolidation and distribution center. The Miami facility receives Flowers from over 20 different countries and distribute them domestically to all the U.S. States and Canada.

G&G Cargo Advantages


When you work with G&G CARGO SERVICE you will have:
  • Working with an experienced team of professionals.
  • Competitive pricing and cost reductions.
  • Access to quality general and refrigerated storage facilities..
  • Proven reputation as a highly reliable logistics supplier.
  • More than 20 years’ experience.
  • Specialized in perishable transport.
  • Specialized in Fresh Cut Flower handling and transport.
  • U.S. Bonded Facility.
  • Internet Tracking and real time data network.
  • Global inventory management.
  • U.S. government certifications.
  • Unrivaled expertise in the transportation and handling of fresh cut flowers

G&G Cargo Services, Security and Compliance

ctpat_5ficon_5fhp_2dfeaturesGarces & Garces Cargo Service Inc. participates in the C-TPAT initiative; Customs-Trade Against Terrorism. For more information please contact us at


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