G&G Cargo Service Inc. Miami



G&G CARGO SERVICES INC. is a Freight Forwarder and a Service Company specialized in the logistics, handling and transportation of perishables products. G&G Cargo Service, Inc. was opened in Miami as a consolidation and distribution center.

This U.S. customs bonded facility offers complementary and integrated logistics services for incoming and in transit cargo in the United States and Canada. The Miami facility receives Flowers from over 20 different countries and distribute them domestically to all the U.S. states. This facility is also a Container Freight Station (CFS) that allows us to handle bonded cargo in transit to Europe, Canada and Asia. In 2004 we obtained a Custom Bonded Warehouse Status. These permits in addition to the CARTMAN authorization allows bonded cargo transportation with G&G Cargo trucks which gives us great flexibility to handle inbound cargo and endless possibilities to provide you the best service available.


G&G CARGO SERVICE INC. is a family owned business and is proud to have a very stable work environment. Most of the employees have work with the company for over 10 years. This low employee turnover guarantee that our staff is very experienced and have enough compromise with the company and our main asset; our customers. Currently G&G CARGO SERVICE INC. has 37 employees.



  • A main 30000 SQ. FT. cooler with a computerized control system
  • A secondary 20000 SQ FT cooler only for Valentine’s and Mother’s Day Season.
  • 20 tractors, trailers, trucks and vans.
  • 32 pre-cooling positions for perishable products
  • 7 available doors.

Online Management System

The world with a heap of packages connected to a mouse

G&G CARGO SERVICE INC. has an in-house developed, ONLINE complete management system, that control every aspect of the process;

  • Communications
  • Tracking
  • Purchase Orders Management
  • On line booking system
  • Inventory Management
  • Barcode receiving and shipping
  • Time and schedule control
  • US Customs and brokerage
  • Document management.
  • Accounting
  • Easy integration with other systems.