Air Freight

jet airplane flying at high altitude

G&G CARGO SERVICES has over 20 years of experience in air cargo transportation. At G&G CARGO SERVICES we know how important for your business is, to receive the product as fast as possible. Every shipment is dealt with great professionalism and responsibility.

For over 2 decades; G&G CARGO SERVICES has establish strong relations with the most important airlines at a regional and world-wide level. These relations have allow us to offer the best rates in the market and pass these discounts to our clients, also to have benefits space booking during regular seasons and especially high seasons.

We can provide our customers with:

  • Export costs, insurance, freight and handling quotes.
  • Export-Import Documents.
  • Space booking with the most reliable airlines according to your shipping needs.
  • Communications such as: Coordination Receipts, Flight Pre-alerts, Departure Confirmations.
  • Complete online tracing and tracking.

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